Day One Hundred Fifty-Seven

Today was one of those days when a lot of little things went wrong. Like, nothing catastrophic happened, but there was enough to put me out of sorts: a white out bottle leaking in my desk, a marker being out of ink when I tried to use it, a student letting me know today that he’s going on vacation for ten days, a guest presenter canceling last-minute… You get the idea.

My World classes were still all right. My students did group work activities on East Asian cultures, so it was pretty low key. They made a mess doing some Chinese arts and crafts for one activity, and I think I was a bit short with them about it, but it wasn’t too bad. The general mood stayed positive. 

I did roast one of the lax kids (it’s an ongoing joke that sprung out of the fact that Mr. F and I roast each other all season and our athletes wanted in), which got a laugh out of everyone… 

Block 5 was team meeting time. Thankfully, nothing went wrong there. Then I headed out to practice, greeted a handful of former athletes who came to visit, and got to work. I went to get the relay batons out of our supply shed, and as I was jogging back I sprained my ankle.

In true, melodramatic fashion I’m treating this like it’s the worst thing ever. WHICH IT IS.

At least no one saw me do it…

I had a meeting after practice, so I had to put my dress clothes- and heels- back on, which was not awesome. Buuuut I made it through.