Day One Hundred Fifty-Six

I wore a tiara to work today (Spirit Week theme was movies, so I put on a maxi dress and a tiara, and called myself Cinderella). 

My ninth graders approved.

Their classes were a little bit ridiculous. In my Block 3 class, one of the girls presented a project comparing Beijing opera with Broadway, which is a super cool project. She had clips from different shows to go with it…. including one that started with an f-bomb she forgot to edit out. 

So that happened.

In my Block 4 class, one of the boys plagiarized his project so blatantly that his classmates started roasting him mid-presentation, and I had to shut it all down. On the plus side, my student from India did his project on Indian food, and he and his mom made seriously bomb samosas. Several of my students lacked the spice tolerance, so that meant more for me! 

I spent Block 5 buried in grading, but I got it all done. Then I had a department meeting, which went the way I was expecting it to go: Mr. B said Mrs. Z is going to be taking over as department head temporarily (till about December). I’m sure I’m going to be asked why it’s not me since I have seniority, but it’s not a role I’ve ever wanted. Someday, maybe, but not now.