Day One Hundred Fifty-Two

Today I gave my APUSGOV students some final testing advice, then gave each of them a poster with a collage of pictures from our year together (obviously captioned “APUSGOV… and you know they do.”) We looked back on our adventures, which have been ridiculous and awesome, and then called it a day. The exam will happen tomorrow. 


My World students presented current issues posters like their peers did yesterday, and even my shyest students- who I always worry about- did SO well. I think the fact that they werr in small groups helped, and I’d tried to group them with at least one or two kids I know they’re comfortable with. 

So it was good.

I spent Block 5 prepping for the next few classes, and then meeting with Mrs. T because we got an invitation to present at a state conference (someone liked what we did at NCSS). That was unexpectedly cool.

Practice was short because then we hosted a middle school meet; our kids ran the field events, did hurdle crew, and all of that while we did the clerking and timing. I was clerking, which was mad fun and very much like herding cats. I have some friends whose kids are in middle school, so I got to chat with them (and start a massive debate about whether Real Madrid or Barcelona is a better soccer team). Plus, it’s neat to see the talent that might be coming up. I may have some serious sprinting talent next season.

I left right after lining up the 4×400 teams so I could change back into dress clothes and get up to the Catholic church for Confirmation. Two of my students and two of my athletes were being confirmed, so i went to support them. It’s definitely a memory I’ll treasure.