My little sister is 11 and she likes to come into my room a lot and hang out with me, but sometimes when she comes in I’m in an introverted or depressed mood and don’t want to talk to anyone. Tonight she came in and said that my room was too quiet, so I told her to go listen to music or something because I didn’t really feel like talking. She sat there quietly for a couple of seconds and then she said, “I’m gonna tell you what happened in gym class today because it was really annoying, but you don’t have to talk back.” And she just started talking about her day to me and I don’t think enough people understand how helpful that is to someone who’s depressed. To be there with them and talk to them without expecting them to engage in conversation. It’s a way to be alone without feeling completely lonely and I think everyone who deals with depression or any other mental illness needs someone like my sister to understand that, and to interact with the people they care about based on their state of mind.