Day One Hundred Forty-Six

Truth: teacher prep did not prepare me for the hilarity of 2.5-hour bus rides with forty teenage boys.

We had an away meet today that was seriously far away, but it’s a great track and we like the opposing team- they have nice coaches, and they run a good meet- so we go. And, yeah, the ride is ridiculous. They talk about cheesecake, war pandas, Greek philosophy, politics, and video games and listen to trash music. 

And I love it.

Really, everything was good today. My APUSGOV students worked on projects that are due next class (and also looked at memes, ate donuts, and roasted one another, which… yeah). My World classes were the same as yesterday, so that was lowkey. I taught the lesson and gave them the remaining time to start the homework; most finished it, too, which is good. 

i had to leave Block 4 early to get on the track bus, so Mr. F watched my class for me- it was only about ten minutes- and my students all wished me luck as I was walking out. That made me smile, as did the ice cream Head Coach’s wife brought Coach T and I for the ride. So nice. 

And the meet was good. We didn’t win (boys 3rd, girls 2nd), but my top two sprinters had mega PRs in the 100m. One of our girls pole vaulters PRed. A bunch of distance runners did, too, or came super close. And both 4×1 teams got the baton around the track, despite awful hand-offs at zone two, so yay for that!