Day One Hundred Forty-Seven

I was not happy when my alarm went off this morning. Luckily, I still have the super sweet Teacher of the Month parking spot, which cuts down the time it takes me to get to my classroom, so I could hit the snooze button for five extra minutes.

And it was a good day.

I introduced a new project in World to replace an on-demand essay assessment. Students would research a current issue in Asia and write about it, and that was just kind of meh. This group of students needs to needs to work some skills besides timed writing- namely, using class time effectively and working well with others- and I want them to get more broad knowledge, so I decided to change things up. Each student is researching a current issue, and then putting together a mini-poster about it. They had class time today and will have next class- plus homework time- to do that. Then they’ll share their work with a group of 3-4 other students. And, finally, they’ll write me an essay about what they learned from their research and their peers’ presentations. 

I wasn’t sure how this project would be received, but in both classes my students were quite enthusiastic. They really dug in, and got a ton of work done. And the student who has insistently “hated this class” (he doesn’t, actually, but wants his peers to think so) all year announced that this project is cool. Yay for that! 

I had a congressional candidate visit during Block 5, so Mrs. T ran our team meeting. It was a good visit. A few of my students couldn’t make it, so it was a smaller crowd than I wanted, but stuff happens. The students who were there asked great questions about the environment, gun control, health care, and more- and heard some of the sharpest rhetoric yet, which is good for contrast. It’s a bit stressful to host these events, especially outside of our normal class time (I’m always worried no one will show), but they’re so good for the kids.

And then I got to spend the afternoon in the sunshine- first hot day this year- cheering my sprinters through 300m repeats.