Day One Hundred Forty-Five

Aaaand we’re back from vacation!

It is good to be back. I spent most of my Block 1 prep time labeling and shelving two boxes full of shiny new books- a dozen titles!- that Mrs. T and I will use next year (based on some stuff we learned from Kelly Gallagher). Then I set up my room and prepped my lessons for the day.

I picked up in World where I left off: with the impact of the war in Afghanistan on Pakistan.I had the students examine some images of eastern and western Pakistan because the differences in development from one region to the other are so striking. Then we chatted about why that is, which got us into the history of Pakistan and India. They’re reading more about that for homework. 

Oh, and I was mid-teach during Block 3 when I was called to a meeting I’d forgotten about (despite it being written on my calendar). That’s a thing that happened. Like, my sub showed up and I awkwardly paused my lesson, told the kids to read until I got back, and dashed down to the special ed. office. I was back in under ten minutes, thankfully, and life and learning went on. 

I spent Block 5 correcting papers, sending emails, and trying to clean out my file cabinets. i left that partially undone so I could go to practice on time; I’ll deal with it later. Practice was a bit rainy, and anyone who went on vacation is readjusting, but we made it happen. We’re back in competition tomorrow!