Bonus Day

I got up eeeeearly today to get on the bus and take the track team down to huge invitational meet- thirty teams- that we ordinarily wouldn’t go to. It’s a bit too far for us to travel comfortably, but the weather’s been so bad that it was about the only meet happening, so we went. 

The weather was beautiful, at first- sunny and 60s, and I got a sunburn on my face- but around noon the temperatures started to plummet. By 6:30, when the meet ended, it was 35 and raining. 

It was a good meet, though. 

A lot of our kids PRed, some qualified for post-season, and a handful placed in the top six and got ribbons. Both teams had mid-table finishes (girls did better than boys), which I’m happy with, given that it’s a building year. 

My girls DQed in the 4×1 and were disappointed, but I assured them I’m not. They’re young, they got jumpy, it happens- and especially when it’s so cold!  

We’ll keep training. 

We got home about an hour ago, and I’m still warming up, but I wouldn’t trade meet days for anything. Tells you how much I love my team.