Day One Hundred Thirty-Nine

I don’t take work home if I can help it. If I can’t get everything done during my prep time, I would rather sit at my desk and do it than take it home. Once or twice a year, that means I stay super late. Usually, it happens when my prep time is taken up by meetings, or if I’ve been out. 

Today it happened because I was on a field trip. And I had track practice.

The field trip was a ton of fun; we took about forty ninth graders down to UNH and took a tour. We had a fun tour guide, and the kids in my group asked her a bunch of questions. That was great because some years they don’t ask anything. So I thought it was a good day. 

It was also a drama-free day until a girl’s nose started bleeding during the ride home. Buuut Mr. J had the first aid kit, and the bus driver had paper towels, so we dealt with it. Apparently, someone puked yesterday. I’d rather have the bloody nose.

We got back to school a few minutes before the afternoon bell, so I had just enough time to straighten up my room (for a day with a sub, it wasn’t bad) and change for practice. It’s one of the nicer days we’ve had for practice, so we were able to do some good work. I took the 4×1 teams to do baton passes because those always need practice, and all the sprinters did starting blocks and then laid down some 150m repeats.

Afterwards, I went up to my room to prep for tomorrow and do all my grading. I left around 6:45. It was still light out, so that’s all right (it’s way rougher to pull a late night during the winter). And now I’m home relaxing, so all is well!