Day One Hundred Thirty-Three

Mrs. T and I moderated debates today, and it was awesome. Our ninth graders debated arms sales to Saudi Arabia, military and humanitarian involvement in Syria, and arming of Kurdish rebels fighting ISIS. A lot of them were nervous, at first, but they were prepared, and articulate, and able to reference SO MUCH research. Yes, it’s complicated stuff- it’s stuff that gets debated in UN meetings and congressional sessions!- but, yes, they’re capable of understanding it. 

I am super proud of them, and said as much in class. 

There were so many highlights… Rapid-fire rebuttal rounds, an ordinarily quiet girl refusing to let me call time because she was on a roll and had more questions to ask, two boys giving each other pep talks before their debates… We had one girl freeze up, sadly, but her group was very patient with her- and we appreciated their kindness. 

Also, at least three kids showed up despite being sick so that they wouldn’t miss their debates, which we don’t actually want to encourage… but, uhh, yay, dedication? 

It started pouring halfway through Block 4, so basically all sports stuff was canceled for this afternoon. Ordinarily, I’d be bummed about not having track practice, but it was actually good because Mr. L and I have a project to do for our PD class and were able to spend the afternoon working on it. 

So I’m feeling accomplished today. It was a good day.