Day One Hundred Twenty-Nine

The custodians did something weird to the second floor hallways when they cleaned last night, so the floors were super slippery today. 

At first, I thought I was just having issues because my shoes are kind of worn out, but once kids started arriving they remarked on it, too. It made getting from place to place a bit more of an adventure than usual. 

And debate prep was more of an adventure, too! We had all the opposing groups swap research notes- doing a little oppo- which generated a flurry of new work and revision. They were validating sources, planning objections, developing new lines of inquiry… It was so good, and Mrs. T and I both remarked on how well these groups are figuring out how to collaborate and be successful. Not all groups of students given a hard task do without substantial guidance.  

Meantime, Mrs. T and I were making an effort to curb excessing sign-outs from our Cavern of Learning by removing all but one of our hall passes (each teacher usually has two) so there’d be no more group wandering, which becomes a school-wide issue every spring. There was a little annoyance, but kids understood what was up; the frequent wanderers in this set of students owned it, got to work, and will do better in the future without us forcing them to. It probably won’t go so well tomorrow. 

We’ll see.

Track practice was a solid sprint ladder workout, which the team informed me was mean (four sets of 180-150-100-50 sprints with a walk back recovery). They were happy when they were able to do it and finish strong, though.