Day One Hundred Twenty-Four

Today was an early release day for students, and an extended day for teachers. I would like it noted that I started my day with a super fun FB notification that some random angry man had interrupted a civil political debate I was having with a friend to rant in all caps and tell me I should be fired (all of us should be fired, in fact). 

It wasn’t even 7AM, you guys. Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

I had to laugh, honestly. No sense wasting time and energy getting bent out of shape about it. I got dressed (and I looked good today!), got breakfast, and got on with my day. 

Since APUSGOV had been pretty demanding this week, I went easy(ish) on them today. We watched a 44-minute documentary about the Freedom Rides in a 50-minute class, and explained how it would tie into our lessons next week. It’s a powerful film, so it wasn’t like this was a fluff class; I just gave them a less strenuous way to acquire information than others I could have used. And they got a lot out of it. I’m all about using visuals and oral histories to teach this era for that reason. 

I also just texted my students on Remind to send some AP exam study materials along, and to ask what we should do if the government passes a budget before our next class. If you’ve been reading my posts all year, you’ll know that we eat cake any time there’s a CR ora shutdown (because if you can’t have a functional government, you should at least have a cake). So far the response is “chicken wings” (with no explanation of the logic yet). 

I expressed skepticism about whether chicken wings were appropriate for a 7:30AM class and was promptly informed there was no better time. 

All right, then.

There was more debate prep in World, and I’m super impressed by the collaboration I’m seeing. There are some strong arguments shaping up as a result. Ooh, and I gave one group a great lesson in source analysis, checking biases and accuracy. What’s awesome about that is they called me over to teach them; I wasn’t remediating after seeing poor research. We had an amazing conversation about how wording impacts readers’ understanding, and they kept finding examples to show me. So cool.

Students were dismissed at 11:20. After a break for lunch, we started a teacher workshop on CBE. On a regular early release, we’d be done by 3:00, but in order to knock a day of our 187 required days we do an evening session, too, so I worked until 5:30. 

They did serve us awesome nachos halfway through. And I’d gone out at lunch to get cookies for my department because chocolate chip cookies make everything better except my behavior at meetings. I was productive, but also super salty. 

But now it’s done!