Day One Hundred Twenty-Three

Today was wacky because of SAT testing. The blocks were odd lengths of time, and- for reasons I have yet to understand- our A/B schedule became an A/A  schedule, so I saw the same classes today as I saw yesterday. It’s good for APUSGOV because we need all the days we can get before AP exams, but it’s a bit screwy for World because it puts two sections a bit behind on debate prep.

We’ll manage, though.

I gave a test in APUSGOV, which was a bit tough for all my students. This unit was loooooooong since it’s the one about the federal government (and our snow days didn’t help either). I think next year I’ll do a test halfway through, too, so that they don’t get out of practice. For this year, I’ll offer a bit of credit recovery. And we’ll rock and roll on civil rights and liberties tomorrow because, yeah, I’ll see them tomorrow, too, and then our schedule will right itself.

It was my day to be challenging, apparently; in addition to giving that APUSGOV test,I devised this absolutely crushing interval workout for track practice. But the sun was shining, the temps were decent, so it was a good day to run hard. We ended with a tag game called Predator, which was fun.

Aaaand then I went in, changed back into dress clothes, and got ready for eighth grade open house. This year we did something new and had our current ninth graders do an exhibition; some had academic projects (ie- making snow in one of the science labs, playing drums with our drumline…), some had extracurricular info, and a handful did an AMA. It went super well.

It meant a 12-hour day for me, so I’m wiped. Tomorrow is a long one, too. But it’s all good. I’ll crush it.