Day One Hundred Twenty-One

All my lessons on current issues in the Middle East, including today’s (on Yemen, and how that conflict and the one in Syria have impacted the global refugee crisis), are front-loading for debate. Basically, I spend a month teaching our students what’s going on in the region, and then Mrs. T teaches them how to argue about it. 

Or, y’know, she will when her son isn’t sick. 

She was out today, so I was left all alone in our Cavern of Learning to do it myself. It’s exhausting, but I managed. I wrapped up my lesson, then did all the initial set-up: grouping students, assigning topics (groups chose what focus on, I assigned pro and anti), going over instructions. We’ll have debates on Palestinian Statehood, US military action against Bashar al-Assad, arming Kurdish rebels, US involvement in Yemen, accepting a larger number of refugees… It’s going to be interesting.

Our schedule gets funky this week because of SATs, so I won’t see this set of students again until Friday, but it should be all right. 

I spent most Block 5 in a ninth grade house meeting (I mostly behaved, aside from childish glee about the fact that morning PLC has been canceled this week, so I won’t have to get up early on Thursday for that). I spent the rest of the block setting up my room for APUSGOV; we have another congressional candidate coming to chat!

And then I went to track practice.

It’s cold. It’s windy. There’s still a ton of snow on the ground… But it’s track season, and we’re gonna rock it.