Day One Hundred Sixteen

I had a wicked headache today, which did not make teaching about the world easy, but I got through it.

I presided over the two remaining quarter-final Court Madness debates in APUSGOV; Gitlow v. New York beat Tinker v. Des Moines and Roe v. Wade beat United States v. Lopez. Next class we’ll do semi-finals (Gitlow v. New York against Citizens United v. FEC and Brown v. Board against Roe v. Wade) and the finals. It’s going to be awesome. We’re super behind schedule- and likely to get further behind with a snow day tomorrow- but I’m just rolling with it. It’s been a ton of fun. 

In World I did the same lesson I did on Friday, a “go at your own pace” study of ISIS impact on Iraq and Syria. The difference in pace was more pronounced today than it was on Friday; more kids finished early, but more also had to take work home to finish. It’s all good; it’s just interesting to note.

I graded up a storm during my prep time, spent the afternoon in a PD class, and spent the evening at spring sports sign-ups. A parent commented on the fact that I’d been in high heels all day; that’s just how I do. 

I did almost trip while I was walking out of the grocery store afterwards- in front of The Tennis Coach, who’s taken over for the SRO as the guy who witnesses me being a hot mess most often. Whoops.