Day One Hundred Twelve

The day began with Court Madness, which is an excellent way for a day to begin. We were only able to do three of the four remaining opening round cases because one of my students was absent, and I forgot to take a picture of the updated brackets, but that’s okay. I can just tell you what happened:

  • Gitlow v. New York advanced over Engel v. Vitale. 
  • United States v. Lopez advanced over Miranda v. Arizona.
  • Tinker v. Des Moines advanced over Shaw v. Reno (by one vote after an INCREDIBLE debate).

If you’re a social studies geek like me, you can imagine how fun the entire block was. The Vice Principal was one of my guest judges today- getting in one of my required observations at the same time- and she thought it was a ball. I’m so proud of my students.  

The lesson I did with my World classes didn’t go as well today as it did on Friday. It was still fine; I’m just saying. It’s challenging, and it requires students to collaborate, and ask questions, and make inferences. The ones I had today are plenty capable of doing all those things, but they’re risk averse. It’s something my colleagues and I have been working to change all year, and I thought we’d made good progress, but lately they seem to be backsliding. Must fix that… 

I spent my prep time with Mrs. T, hammering out the timing for some upcoming open wall days, and then stayed late to do my grading and prep for tomorrow. I managed to run errands, eat dinner, and change out of my dress clothes before heading back to the school for the deliberative session. 

If you aren’t from NH, you likely won’t know what that is, so have some references:

These sessions and the traditional town meetings still held in smaller towns are democracy at its glorious, messy best. Citizens make speeches and ask questions, debates happen, words like “malarkey” get thrown around, people yell, and it’s all about who shows up. There’s an element here- thankfully small- that is quite hostile towards the schools and the teachers, so my profession got insulted a couple times. I should’ve kept a tally. 

But anyways, nothing super dramatic happened- some years it does- and now it’s done.