Day One Hundred Nine

We’re still feeling the reverberations of the Parkland shooting in a lot of ways. Conversations between colleagues inevitably drift towards the topics of guns, school safety, protests, etc… The Principal called a faculty meeting for tomorrow morning during what’s usually PLC time to discuss all of that (and I have no idea how that’s gonna go, so expect an update in tomorrow’s entry). The kids are all talking, too.

And there’s something else I’m noticing. 

I have a habit of telling my students that they’re going to decide the direction the world goes because they live in a powerful country and they’re part of a powerful generation (larger, louder, more interconnected, and capable of accessing more information and resources than their predecessors). Whatever they decide to do on a certain issue- even if it’s to do nothing or to avoid- will have a global impact. I acknowledge that’s a lot of pressure, and I usually get lots of wide eyes and nervous laughter.

But today, as we were discussing the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, I said it would be their peers in the region who would drive any changes to the situation “because your generation is going to be a powerful generation all over the world, remember?” And I got smiles and determined nods, and even a “Yeah, we are.” I think the kids marching in Florida and beyond get the credit for that change.