Day One Hundred Eight

So my APUSGOV students decided to invite every congressional candidate running in our district to come to class. Five have said yes so far, and the first one came in this morning. My colleague, Mr. I, brought his Contemporary Issues class up to join us, which was cool because it added more perspectives to the conversation. 

And what a conversation! Well over an hour on jobs, college debt, climate change, gun control, education, feminism, intersectionality, voting rights… I always say I let my students take a conversation where ever they want to take it, and I just enjoy the journey. It was tons of fun.

The candidate and his staff were very complimentary afterwards, which was nice. 

I always bring coffee and donuts when we have a guest (least I can do when someone gets up and joins us for a 7:30 class), and I had some extras today, so I had coffee and donuts with my Reading Break students during Block 2 as well as during APUSGOV. Reading Break is the 30-minute, district-wide reading time, but it also functions like a homeroom (kids stay with the same teacher all four years, announcements happen at the end of the block, etc, etc…) My group is super chill, so it’s a relaxing part of my day.

And today was a contest day. The school community was encouraged to wear purple in support of ending the opioid epidemic, and we were told that the reading break with the highest percentage of purple-wearing people would get a prize (donuts for everyone on Friday). Mine was 100%, so I think we won. Woohoo!

My World classes went all right, but when I asked my Block 4 class to tell me anything they’d learned about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, no one raised a hand. So I called on each kid to tell me one thing, which worked and generated discussion, but I wish I knew why no one wanted to volunteer an answer. It’s not typical of that class.

I had some students come by for help- or just a quiet work space- during my prep time, so I spent it with them. Then I spent an hour after school with my department for our monthly meeting. After that, I went home for about an hour, changed into casual clothes, and went back to work to sell tickets for the girls basketball playoff game. 

I hadn’t planned on that, but the AD had somebody bail on him, and it pays $35.00, so I said I’d do it. Easy money, right? I do sometimes draw a total blank as I’m trying to make change, though, which is super embarrassing. 

Anyways, our girls won, so that’s exciting!