Kinda tired of being told to do more when half my students cant be bothered to do anything. When do we stop piling all this responsibility on teachers and start expecting something from the students? Why do you keep telling me to be more “engaging” (aka the new hot education buzzword) when all of my students who are ever going to do anything are already doing it? Those kids with 12s in my class, who sit in the back and play on their phones, arent going to do anything no matter how engaging I bust my ass to make it. I’m not putting in any more effort unless it will actually bring results. I don’t get paid enough to work as hard as i do, i’m definitely not doing any more.

I’m already giving the vending machine $5 for a 50 cent soda. Quit asking me to waste my time shoving $10 in when it won’t change what I get out.