Can you talk more about how the research proje…

Can you talk more about how the research project you're going to do? I want to do the same thing, but don't know how to nix a pro-NRA or women-shouldn't-be-teachers-they-should-be-in-the-kitchen-and-making-babies (which I've literally already been told by a student in a different project) paper without it being because I hate their stance.

I’m focusing them on taking an action that would make positive change in the world. For the ones who want to argue pro-NRA, tell them it has to be a *change* (since the 2nd Amendment is a thing, there is no change in arguing for guns). For the Women Shouldn’t Be Teachers (or out of the house), research supporting such a notion would be tough to come by since the standards putting women in charge of education were enacted because women were seen to be more “moral” than men and, therefore, would be better educational leaders. Since I don’t let kids speculate on “what ifs,” there would have to be solid reasoning and research connecting the action to the result.

You could also tell them it cannot be a controversial topic but rather a fact-based one (like how to help cities that are running out of water).

Here is the assignment I use for groups, which you can modify to fit your needs: