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ladies and gentlemen, the american education system

My school apparently ran out of toilet paper a few weeks ago and my Spanish teacher was telling the girls to keep a roll in their purses and the guys to keep a roll in our backpacks. North American Education system.

this is basically any public school in the world tbh

bet the football teams have new equiptment though

Whoop there it is

No I’m not even kidding I bet my life that there is equipment and a well managed field for the football team. Probably a good baseball and basketball team for guys. Other sports not so much.

This is NOT any public schooling system in the world! Australian public schools do not have this problem! How the fuck does a school not afford basic bathroom amenities?! If that happened here there would be an immediate school funding revision campaign! I assume you guys are joking about the football teams because there’s no way overblown American sports movies are real. Does your government just… not fund schools? 

A running joke in my high school is “…but we can’t afford paper!” because a few years ago, my entire school system had us recycling each and every scrap and refusing to pay to get teachers copier paper. We were all asked to bring in our own paper, because school just wasn’t going to provide paper anything. Ironically, same year the football field was renovated.


That can’t possibly be right. 

My high school had chunks of the ceiling falling down periodically, because of water and mold damage. I remember being in the gym for basketball practice and a huge grate fell down and scared the crap out of us. No one was ever hurt, and the state health department declared the levels of mold to be “not immediately dangerous” and so it was left alone.

They once had to close down an entire section of hallway and stairs because one year, the toilets flooded on the second floor and soaked into the ceiling and walls. The next year, a chunk of ceiling fell out right below that, and the toxic variety of black mold was found. Again, the levels were “not dangerous” so they blocked off the area for a few weeks (making it impossible to get to class on time) until it was “cleaned up”. There were no windows, because when the school was built it was right next to an international airport (that has since moved) and the noise was too much at the time. So in order to keep the air flowing, they pumped air conditioning year round, including winter. 

And yes- the football field was in fact completely renovated before the buildings were even touched. 5 years prior to the original start date of high school building renovations. Also, while the football field was built with out a single hiccup, the school renovation was actually stopped after it started and halted for 4 years because the town didn’t want to spend the money on it. People argued that taxes shouldn’t be raised for that since they felt the buildings were fine as they were. Welcome to American public schools. 







A few years ago the music program lost funding for all things musical and we have to raise all our money ourself. And in addition to that, in the music hall the ceiling started to fall in and flood the band lockers and there are still whole tiles not in the ceiling from the water. But you know what the football team got all new uniforms.

American schools have always sucked ass. Now you all know why.

I remember one year we were all walking around for a week or so with all the hallway lights turned off so we could save money. School lunch was a joke. There weren’t enough text books for everyone. I got a D in calculus because I had no book. The theatre department had to have car washes on Sundays to raise money. But of course football was the only concern. I remember the yearbook had like the first 20 pages dedicated to sports and then the rest of us had one page, if that. My senior year, our theatre page had to share with the foreign exchange students.

You know in Glee when all the glee kids have to raise money for everything and Sue spends a shit ton of money on the cheerleaders? Not even an exaggeration.

Our theater program funding was cut to send our football team to St. Louis. They didn’t win anything but they tried really hard so they deserved a team trip.

If this shit happened in England there would uproar

I went to a private school where I was the French Club President, and our advisor was privately informed that all of the money we had been raising all year long would be absorbed into the Athletic Fund if there was anything left at the end of the school year. In response to this injustice, we decided to make an annual event a month before school ended where we would all go the Refectory (aka a fancy French restaurant in the city) and spend every single cent of our hard earned treasury. Like, this was just ONE instance that affected me personally. Things like this happen all the time in the United States.

All throughout my experience with public schools in America (all 14 years of it), I always remembered that when we had to buy our own school supplies, and we were always told to buy classroom supplies like kleenexs, soap, hand sanitizers, and more. Because once the classroom ran out of this stuff we had nothing. And once I got into high school no one ever brought this stuff for the classrooms so I always found mucus rubbed on the walls in some classrooms and bathrooms and it’s was absolutely disgusting.

And guess where all our money from the state went to? The high school football team. Within the past year or so our taxes went up because my old high school expanded the football field’s bleachers/seating. Also, despite all of our signatures in our town for a petition to prevent a ‘student activity center’ being built next to the school where it would be for the most important student athletes, the school got their way. And guess who doesn’t have enough money to support their programs? The fine arts programs. I had friends who were in choir, band, etc. that had to find ways to raise money for their programs since the school never cared to fund them. It’s either that, or the teachers pull money off of their paycheck to provide supplies for their students (and public school teachers don’t have good salaries anyways in the US), whereas the school uses all their state funds for the football team. It’s ridiculous, and I’m glad I’m no longer in high school having to deal with a school who worships their football team, while all the other programs suffer to remain in the school.

I haven’t been in highschool in 7 years but my brother is currently in highschool. Apparently the school is in much worse condition than when I left, with some classes having lessons outside because the a/c was busted and the school refused to fix it. Programs related to art are royally screwed and have to raise their own money or find their own supplies. We had to go DUMPSTER DIVING for art supplies. In Pom (dance team) we had to raise our own money for a Disney trip despite Disney having invited us to perform after we had won multiple state championships. Same happened to the cheer team the following year after I graduated. Performing arts often has to make their own sets from whatever scrap gets donated or gets found by teachers/students. We had to raise all kinds of money and were forced to reduce prices of tickets for performances because “people shouldn’t have to pay that much for a show” by the school (our shows were $10). Band is still in the same shitty facility as it was when I was there with shitty acoustics and shittier uniforms. But you can bet your ass the football team got all kinds of goodies. Like new equipment, new uniforms, new gym equipment and A FUCKING INDOOR FOOTBALL FIELD! Our team sucked when I was in highschool and they still suck now. The school is letting teachers go due to budget cuts but they’re STILL hiring a new coach just because the last one (who had only been there a year) didn’t win a championship (which football hasn’t won a championship in almost 30 years). Coaches get paid more than regular teachers even if they don’t teach a subject aside from football. They also often bully other teachers into boosting a students’ grade just so they won’t be ineligible to play an upcoming game. This is why I hate highschool football. In America it’s seen as a religion. Football takes priority before EVERYTHING even though hardly any students have a career in football after highschool or college. Even though most scholarships are based on academics and OTHER extra curricular activities. But fuck that, the football team gets all the money. Fuck football.

Infographic: Is Your State’s Highest-Paid Employee A Coach? (Probably)

There is a reason people who didn’t play sports in school hated people who did with a fucking passion

What the shit America