Day One Hundred Four

Today was kind of a quiet day. 

My APUSGOV students had a quiz, which they crushed, and then they worked on their Court Madness research for the remainder of class. I had to answer the occasional legal question, but they basically just rocked and rolled. 

My World students did, too. The lesson went even better today than yesterday, in fact. I was quite happy about that because these are the two sections of students that tend to struggle a bit more than the other two, but not with this. The one rough thing is that the flu, other viral crud, ski accidents, etc… are striking hard. I had double-digit absences today, which is rare.

But! There’s a vacation coming soon, so hopefully everyone will be able to rest and recover.

I don’t want to end this entry without mentioning that there’s a school community that lost 17 people today. It wasn’t mine. It shouldn’t be anyone’s. And I don’t have the words to explain how wrenching it is to face a generation of students who think this is just what happens.