Day Eighty-Two

I don’t know what happened, but this morning when I went to teach APUSGOV, my brain basically stopped knowing words. 


It was a bad day for that to happen because, rather than giving my students all of class to work on the pizza project, I took about 45 minutes to give a quiz and lead a discussion about some things that have been in the news (POTUS’ physical, section 4 of the 25th Amendment, Cliven Bundy, the DOJ and states that legalized marijuana). 

I mixed up “appropriation bill” and “authorization bill” before the quiz, which… ugh. I corrected myself, but still. I’m annoyed by my mistake. And afterwards, as we chatted about the current state of affairs, I kept saying “judiciary” when I meant DOJ, and having to correct myself… and yet I managed a tongue-twisting “no precedent for the President’s decision” just fine. 


I also had to say “I don’t know” a lot because they kept asking hypotheticals that put us in uncharted constitutional territory. So there’s no way I could know (I did put some guesses out there when I could, but one of the boys posed a question I just had nothing for), but I still hate not knowing. Mr. F and Mr. S gave me crap about it when I told them how class had gone- like, “YOU didn’t know something?!” And that’s the thing: I have such a reputation for being a know-it-all, and being flashy about it. I show off constantly. 

It’s such a different situation in this class, though. I like the challenge, but I’m also a little rueful. Grr. 

In other news, Mrs. T was back, so life in the Cavern of Learning was much smoother and less exhausting. Thankfully, my brain had rediscovered words by Block 3, too. Our students got a lot of good work done; we even had some who were ready to conference, so they’re about a class and a half ahead of schedule. 

I went on instructional rounds during Block 5, and observed the beginning of Mr. W’s Spanish I class. Then I went to do some prep for midterms. This is when Mr. F and Mr. S were teasing me about not knowing stuff- we all ended up in the staff room together- and they also agreed that my APUSGOV midterm is beast.

As it should be.